My Friend, Spot

My Friend, Spot
A cute story little ones will love as they join Todd and his puppy, Spot for a very busy day. Young readers will learn how to love and take care of a puppy from morning until bath time and all the way to bedtime.

Big Boy, Little Boy Problems

Big Boy, Little Boy Problems

Jack and John are best friends who are very different from each other. Little ones will learn to understand differences, compromise, and how to get along with others.

The Snow Is Coming!

The Snow Is Coming

Winter is a time for snowballs and snowmen. But it is also cold and long. Little ones will learn about how seasons change. They’ll learn to look forward to the fun that the first snow brings, and that spring flowers will soon be around the corner.

Little Maisy, Are You Ready For Baby?

Little Maisy, Are you Ready For Baby?

Show your little one that a new addition to the family is nothing to be afraid of. You have enough love to go around and you’ll need their help with the new baby too!

Little Maisy Mouse is getting a new baby brother!
But what are babies good for?
They can’t play and they can’t eat candy…
But they sure do grow up fast.
And there will be lots of things they can do together in the future!