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I am a marmot and this is my hole.

This is where I talk about personal projects and day to day interests. From time to time I may blog about work, but it will be in a casual passing manner with a focus on learning and self-improvement.

The tl;dr version of what I do is that I write short stories and create boutique websites.

New parents’ crash course

I’m sure you’ve prepared for your baby’s arrival by reading tons of parenting books and by taking copious amounts of notes, right?

Even if you have (or haven’t) done your homework, you can relax. There are only a few essentials you’ll need to know. Everything else will come with experience and time.

Well in case you’ve missed something, here’s a short list of the very most important stuff you’ll need to know to survive your first year as new parents.

  • Your first month as new parents
  • Your baby’s second month
  • The third month
  • The fourth month

I’m always on the look out for ways to keep my baby healthy without spending a fortune. This includes learning how to be free from feeding formula and learning the best way to nurse and express milk. I found these reviews of the best breast pumps to be incredibly helpful.


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