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Marmot's Creature Comforts is the personal and creative home of Devon L.

About Devon

I am a marmot and this is my hole.

The tl;dr version of what I do is: I put words online.

What I really do is make boutique websites with a focus on quality engaging content for happy living in the modern world.

  • I want to help people learn.
  • I want to help people live a better life.
  • I want to help companies reach their fans.

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The 1000000 Word Writing Challenge – Day 1

Hello dear strangers on the internet, Today I have set myself a challenge to output one-million words onto the internet in 100 days. I’m not participating in NaNoWriMo, but I thought I’d join everybody beating their fingers into bloody stumps on their keyboards by starting my personal writing challenge. So why 1,000,000? Because it’s ambitious, but still achievable.  I currently average about 6,000 words a day. I’m kinda bored and

100 Things About Me

Chocolate and coffee runs through my veins. I love the smell of tea tree. My favorite vampire is Spike.  No sparkling here folks. All other lessors step aside. I cannot read music, but music is my life. I’m afraid of dying before completing everything on my bucket list. I am sensitive to touch and sensory input, thus why I’m so obsessive about things like my clothes, my bedding, and my


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