Welcome to this marmot's hole!
Marmot's Creature Comforts is the personal and creative home of Mira Jones.

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Interests for 2016

About Mira Jones

I am a marmot and this is my hole.

This is where I talk about personal projects and day to day interests. From time to time I may blog about work, but it will be in a casual passing manner with a focus on learning and self-improvement.
The tl;dr version of what I do is that I write short stories and create boutique websites.


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100 Things About Me

Chocolate and coffee runs through my veins. I love the smell of tea tree. My favorite vampire is Spike.  No sparkling here folks. All other lessors step aside. I cannot read music, but music is my life. I’m afraid of dying before completing everything on my bucket list. I am sensitive to touch and sensory input, thus why I’m so obsessive about things like my clothes, my bedding, and my